Buying & Restoring Your First Classic Car

Buying & Restoring Your First Classic Car

Restoring classic cars can be an incredibly rewarding and even potentially profitable hobby. If you’ve yet to delve into the classic car market then the guide below should be of great help.

What to buy

The first thing you need to think about is what car you want to buy. Your budget will certainly be something you have to take into account as the prices of classic cars can vary considerably from one model to the next. When thinking about what car you want to buy, you should think about practical considerations such as how well you think you’ll be able to restore it and whether it’s a car you would actually enjoy driving.

Another important consideration is where you’ll buy. Classic cars are by their nature quite rare so you’ll need to do your research and find out the best places to look.

Restoring the exterior

Restoring the exterior of a classic car can be quite an extensive job depending on its condition. A lot of people mistakenly believe that any dents in the bodywork can simply be popped …

5 Simple Ways To Modify Your Car

5 Simple Ways To Modify Your Car

When it comes to car modification, there is a long list of things you can do to upgrade the appearance and/or performance of your vehicle.

However some car mods can be costly and time-consuming. Sometimes you simply want to make a change that’s not going to break the bank but will still improve the look and feel of your car.

With this in mind, below are 5 simple ways you can modify your car.

1. Wheels

Wheels are one of the easiest ways you can change the appearance of your car. There are countless types of wheels that you can choose from so whether you want to go for something understated and classy or something that will turn heads, you’ll have no problem finding a look that suits your tastes. Generally it’s not too expensive to have new wheels fitted. You might also consider getting new tyres too if you want to improve performance.

2. Headlight covers

Headlight covers are another very easy way you can modify your car. Not only do they protect your headlights from damage but they …